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    Boxarts for Nintendo new games!

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    Kalos Gym Badge Set Giveaway

    So these badges are a bit different from how I made the previous gym badges. I went for a more simple and larger design for ease of assembly. I hope they’re still to everyone’s liking! They’re available for purchase in my shop for preorders, but I’m giving you guys a chance to win a set here.


    • 1 winner will receive a set of Kalos gym Badges


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    • Giveaway ends February 27th 2014, Thursday at 11:59pm PST
    • Winners will be announced February 28th 2014,

    Reblog or Espurr will unleash it’s wrath upon you!

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    Back in July John and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, he had been wanting a copy of Majora’s Mask for the N64 we recently dug out of my closet so of course I went absolutely overboard finding a way to present it. I decorated a cheap treasure box from Michaels and stashed away the game with a gatcha toy figurine from Wind Waker wrapped as a bomb, fire and ice arrows lollypops, shield mint tin, sword pen, gusher candy rupees, lon lon milk energy drink, and a “letter from the princess”. The hardest part was trying to do all this without the person I shared one small room with finding out.


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    I literally gasped


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    So I didn’t realize how popular these Digimon Tags would be. I’ve gotten a few requests to make these before, but I held off until I recently relived my childhood watching Digimon on Netflix. So I figured I’ll let destiny pick out some DigiDestined among Tumblr. 


    • winners digi-destined will pick out which crest they would like to receive.


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    • Giveaway ends September 30th 2013, Monday at 11:59pm PST
    • Winners will be announced October 1st 2013, Tuesday

    Who will destiny choose to protect the Digital World Tumblr?

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    Pokemon Gym Badges

    Andrew Kapish
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